About That’s Classic!

That’s Classic! was born out of a desire to share a deep and geeky love for classic literature, both fiction and nonfiction, novel-length books and short stories, and classic and contemporary literary works. It is a celebration of great stories written by great writers who uphold the ideals and traditions of classic literature: universal themes, powerful language, clear descriptions, interesting characters, precise grammar, and a genuine love of storytelling.

As a writer, I love nothing more than to tell stories. And, as I have learned, the only way to get better at writing my own stories is to read other writers’ stories. And what better literature to study than the greats, the classics, the stories that have stood the test of time? Because, after all, if they have survived for centuries, decades, or even for just a few short years in this popular-fiction-reading society, then there must be some validity to them, a reason that they are beloved and admired and cherished. There is a reason that they are deemed “classic.”

So That’s Classic! is really just a celebration of the history of classic literature. It is a forum to discuss and analyze the classics, as well as a resource for those studying these works or who would like to explore them. It is completely dedicated to the art of classic storytelling. And, yes, it is even a place to share my geeky love for the literary tradition.

Published on November 21, 2008 at 11:35 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Hey, nice blog… I wish u’d put up an archives widget so that readers can view and read older posts too.

  2. Great blog, Ashley! I love how you look at so many different aspects of literature.

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